Wolves reputation has been unfairly destroyed for years. Identified in culture with the incarnate evil, in fact they are an independent, strong and persistent herd animal caring for their “family”. We want WOLF HOUSE brand to change the perception of these awe-inspiring animals, which is why, together with the “Stowarzyszenie dla natury Wilk”, we decided to help save the wolves.

To raise awareness and introduce a positive image of the wolf to the mainstream, Jeremi Sikorski together with Avant team and the participation of Polish celebrities got involved in the WOLF HOUSE project. Brand by selling hoodies and t-shirts allocates some of its profits to helping wolves

 The brand’s campaign itself is inspired by photos of American celebrities’ paparazzi, caught in the streets in everyday situations. We all fell in love with high-quality clothes, leave the house in a sweatshirt and still look awesome.